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A Caribbean Vacation in Anguilla

Anguilla offers accommodations for travelers that reflect a most interesting palette of sophistication thrust upon the canvas of hypnotically tranquil beaches. Anguilla, just three miles at its widest point and just 16 miles long, boasts some of the finest beaches and most striking shades of aquamarine water anywhere in the Caribbean.

Anguilla General Information

Anguilla is one of the Caribbean's best kept secrets…cherished by those seeking tranquility and an unspoiled atmosphere…a wealth of sensually pleasing brilliant white sand beaches…clear aquamarine waters…uninterrupted solitude…a culinary heaven. Villas in Anguilla provide access to some of the Caribbean's most sought after beaches.

Anguilla is found northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean and lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is only five miles north of St. Martin and one hundred and fifty miles east of Puerto Rico. Anguilla comprises several offshore islets/cays including Sandy Island, Dog Island, Prickly Pear Cays, Scrub Island and Sombrero Island.

Anguilla boasts over thirty white sand beaches with clear blue waters making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy swimming and snorkeling. A flat island, it features arid scrub that grows out of solid rock but again visitors come to Anguilla not for the scenery but for its exceptional beaches. Lustrous blue and aquamarine waters rim this scrubby piece of land. The islands attractions are its gorgeous soft-sand beaches and exceptionally clear waters and coral reefs just offshore which provide incredible snorkeling. A dry limestone island it is only approximately 16 miles long and around 3 miles across at its widest point. A flat island, its highest spot is Crocus Hill that is 213 feet above sea level.

Since the island wasn't good for farming, the Anguillans became experts at making their living from the sea and are known throughout the Caribbean for their boat building and fishing skills. While the island lacks ancient historic sits and rain forests, nature lovers will enjoy the natural salt ponds that are rich with bird life.

What is unique about Anguilla, is perhaps what visitors will NOT find…They won't find much shopping, they won't find much nightlife, they won't find golf and they won't find casinos. Instead, villas in Anguilla you will find incomparable beaches and a vast array of water sports as well as internationally recognized restaurants and peace and quiet. Anguilla is frequently referred to as the "cuisine capital of the Caribbean" since it offers discerning travelers exceptional dining experiences that range from elegant, intimate gourmet restaurants to casually chick bistros.

Anguilla Beaches:

Anguilla is known for its spectacular beaches. The entire island of Anguilla is bordered by sugar white sand and clear calm waters and boasts 33 of the best in the Caribbean.

Exceptional beaches for swimming and snorkeling on Anguilla include Barnes Bay, Blowing Point, Crocus Bay, Junk's Hole Bay, Little Bay, Little Harbour, Mead's Bay, Shoal Bay and Rendezvous Bay. Villas Caribe features Anguilla villas at many of these prime locations in Anguilla.

Shelling may be enjoyed at Shoal Bay East and West, Captain's Bay, Savannah Bay and West End Bay.

Please note that all of Anguilla's beaches are public and that there is no nude or topless sunbathing permitted.

Anguilla Climate:

Warm and sunny with temperatures between 75 F and 90 F year round. During the winter, the nights are slightly cooler and so it might be a good idea to bring a cotton sweater.

Anguilla History:

Archeological evidence indicates that the Arawak Indians where the first to leave a mark on Anguilla history. The tribe have traces on many of the Caribbean Islands and once inhabited Anguilla. For a period of Anguilla history the island was known as "Malliouhana". The Europeans first marked Anguilla history when Columbus sighted Anguilla in 1493 and named it for its eel like shape(Anguilla means "eel" in Spanish) In 1650, Anguilla history changed again as the island became a British Crown Colony and was colonized by English settlers who started corn and tobacco plantations. The soil throughout Anguilla history however proved thin and rainfall scant making the conditions for a plantation economy unfavorable. Therefore, the plantations on Anguilla were small and could not employ many slaves. Though most of the inhabitants through Anguilla history have been of African descent, the people of Anguilla have worked on the water. Slavery in Anguilla history was officially abolished in 1834.

Anguilla was governed as part of St. Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla from the early 18th Century. Anguilla became a separate dependency with its own internal self-government following a British intervention to end two years of rebellion. This was formalized with the Anguilla Act of 1980. Today, Anguilla is a dependency of the United Kingdom and is flourishing with its renewed direction toward a better tourist industry. Never in Anguilla history has there been a more economic boom. The beautiful beaches and breath-takingly blue waters ensure that people will flock to the island for years to come

Anguilla Snorkeling and Diving:

Anguilla scuba diving is definitely the water sport that has received the most attention. The beautiful, calm Caribbean Sea surrounding the island make Anguilla scuba a delight. Reefs, wrecks, and secret coves are frequented by Anguilla scuba divers from guided tours (Anguilla diving tours can be chartered by many companies on island). Those interested in Anguilla scuba diving should first visit a certified Anguilla dive shop operator where scuba rental equipment can be found. Multiple Anguilla scuba excursions are available daily (around $70 per person). Shoal Bay also offers Anguilla scuba diving.

Anguilla scuba has been promoted by the creation of a scuba park off the northeast coast when Anguilla divers can explore an old Spanish wreck at Stoney Bay Marine Park. Other great Anguilla diving spots include the Grouper Bowl (memorizing arrays of fish) and the Upper Flats.

Anguilla offers exceptional close in snorkeling directly off it's spectacular white sand beaches. The island boasts seven marine parks: Dog Island, Prickley Pear, Seal Island Reef, Little Bay, Sandy Island, Shoal bay Harbour Reef System and Stoney Bay Marine Park. Dive sites include both wreck and shore dives.

Anguilla Deep-Sea Fishing:

Vast arrays of big game fish live in the oceans surrounding Anguilla. Several different companies on the island offer guided Anguilla fishing excursions with a focus on fish like albacore, dolphin and king fish.

Anguilla Golf

Anguilla is the new kid on the block of Caribbean golf destinations. This once laid back and sleepy island, known for it's dining and privacy afforded the celebrities who have frequented it, now boasts one world class course, Temenos, with The Jack Nicklaus course at Conch Bay scheduled to open in 2010. You can also "swing the wrenches" at Cap Juluca (practice only).

  • Cap Juluca offers a Golf Aqua driving range, putting green and bunker. Not a golf course per say but a practice facility (and really - not much of one - you hit balls into a salt pond) where you can warm up for the Temenos Club.
  • Temenos Golf Club is a brand new 18 hole Greg Norman signature golf course with fantastic views of St. Martin and the Caribbean Sea. The course is challenging and offers tiered greens sitting lagoon-side as well as elevated greens surrounded by water and protected by bunkers. Native plantings beautifully enrich this course. Caddies, carts, rental equipment and lessons are available (this is a real luxury resort - green fees at Temenos start at $300 a round for juniors and go up to over $400). You can book tee times at, or contact the course via email.
  • "The Jack Nicklaus Golf Club of Anguilla site is located on prime oceanfront property that is ideal for golf. Several holes will play to or along the water, and all but three should feature spectacular views across the sea and of the beautiful mountains of St. Martin. Add to this the pristine beaches, and you have all the elements in place for a memorable golf experience," said Jack Nicklaus."

Anguilla Horseback Riding:

Horseback riding is available on Anguilla and there are plenty of trails as well as riding through the surf on deserted beaches.

The Cliffside Riding Center on Anguilla has a nice selection of horses with both English and Western tack. Cliffside is located in North Hill Village-Phone: 264.497.3667. Be sure to call ahead and inquire on the sunset rides.

Anguilla Island Marriage and Weddings:

Anguilla island can be the perfect retreat for a private or overly glamorous wedding ceremony. Anguilla island weddings offer deluxe accomodations, professional service and a beautiful Caribbean backdrop for an unforgettable Anguilla island wedding experience. Come enjoy all the amazing aspects of Anguilla island for your special day.

Getting married on Anguilla requires a special license that takes approximately two working days to process. Couples must present proof of citizenship such as passport or original birth certificate accompanied by a photo ID. Additionally, please note that two witnesses are required for weddings on Anguilla. Catholics must, also, submit Confirmation papers, Baptismal certificate, Freedom to Marry papers, Pre-Cana course and provide at least 3-6 months advance notice. It is recommended that couples arrive on Anguilla several days before the intended ceremony date to arrange the paperwork.

Documents required to apply for a marriage license are the same as the documents needed for entry to Anguilla. These documents include: proof of citizenship such as a valid passport or birth certificate and driver's license with photo. In the event that one or both of the "intended" are re-marrying, proof of divorce or death certificate is required for Anguilla.

If one partner resides in Anguilla for at least fifteen days before the date of marriage, the cost of the license is US$40. If the stay is shorter, then the cost of the license is $284 stamp duty. Two witnesses are required.

For couples interested in marrying on Anguilla, they should contact the Minister and the Magistrate at 264.497.2377 and 264.497.3477.

We are happy to provide wedding consultants names on Anguilla and contact numbers for our clients.

Anguilla Nightlife:

Though Anguilla tourism is a mainstay of the islands economic prosperity, Anguilla Nightlife is low-key and centers mainly on some form of live entertainment at the Anguilla resorts. Many come to this island paradise for a chance to be lost in anonomity and not to party the night away. Anguilla tourism after hours sometimes finds island goers at some local spots/bars where locals mix and enjoy live music in a very relaxed atmosphere.

A calypso combo plays several nights each week at the Cinnamon Reef Beach Club on Anguilla and the Mariners on Anguilla will often have B.B.Q.'s and live entertainment. Johnno's beach bar on Anguilla offers a live music and alfresco dining several nights per week. Anguilla nightlife echoes Anguilla tourism trends, quiet and reserved and only for those who even care to step outside their villas.

Anguilla Dress:

Due to the islands conservative British heritage, there is a dress code of conservative clothing. Light cotton dresses and light jackets and ties for formal wear and typical tropical wear during the day.

Anguilla Restaurants:

Anguilla restaurants are an interesting treat considering the Island's development in other areas. Dining has been a central focus to many Anguilla restaurants as the island caters to a luxury crowd as never before. Elaborate presentation and world-class chefs are juxtaposed against simple beach shacks with fresh spiny lobster. Anguilla restaurants offer a world of delectable island treats to enjoy.

Listed below are some of our favorite Anguilla restaurants.

  • Blanchard's: 264.497.6100 Blanchard's on Anguilla is set amidst lush tropical greenery on gorgeous Mead's Bay and features elements of Cajun, Caribbean and Asian cooking. Be sure to enjoy a drink at the stunning mahogany and coral bar. Closed Sundays.
  • Johnno's: 264.497.2728 Johnno's on Anguilla is a casual Caribbean beach bar that offers freshly grilled lobster, kingfish, snapper and chicken. It attracts an electric mix of people and on Sunday's features performances by the island band Dumpa and the AnvVibes. No credit cards.
  • Koal Keel: 264.497.2930 Koal Keel is a restaurant on Anguilla that is set in a restored 18th century great house that once was part of a sugar and cotton plantation. The dining room provides an old world ambiance with its hand wrought stonewalls and richly upholstered furniture. The cuisine can best be described as "Euro Caribe. Reservations required. Closed Sept.-mid-Oct.
  • Le Petit Patisserie: 264.497.2930 Le Petit Patisserie is located on Anguilla just above the Koal Keel Restaurant. If offers espresso and cappuccino plus wonderful freshly baked pastries, breads and cakes served indoors or out on the small balcony. Closed Sept.-mid-Oct.
  • Malliouhana: 264.497.6111 The Malliouhanna hotel restaurant on Anguilla offers a spectacularly romantic, alfresco setting and haute French cuisine and boasts one of the largest wine cellars in the West Indies with over 25,000 bottles. Reservations are required and open nightly. Closed September and October.
  • Palm Court: 264.497.2727. Located in the Cinnamon Reef Beach Club, the Palm Court on Anguilla offers a rich setting with its long palm lined corridor, terra cotta tiled floors, Haitian furniture and beautiful murals. Closed mid-Sept.-mid-Oct.

Anguilla Shopping:

Anguilla is not exactly a shopping mecca, but it is just a short ferry ride to St. Martin for serious shoppers. On Anguilla, shoppers will find local arts and crafts.

  • Boutique at Malliouhana: An upscale shop on Anguilla, it sells designer jewelry, La Perla swimwear, Go Silk resort wear and other upscale items.
  • CuisinArt Resort and Spa Art Gallery: Located at the resort on Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla Antonio Nimiaci's gallery displays a nice selection of original art from Italy by world-renowned artists.
  • Devonish Gallery: The Devonish Gallery on Anguilla features wood, stone and clay creations by internationally acclaimed Courtney Devonish a sculptor who works in wood and ceramics. The gallery, also, features other artists and a collection of antique maps as well as bead jewelry.
  • Glass Island: Italian artist Gianni Bracciali produces original platters, tiles, jewelry and decorative objects in this working glass studio.
  • Java Wraps: Carries batik clothing for the entire family.
  • La Romana: Swimwear, Fendi fashions and good luggage.

Anguilla Sports:

A variety of sports are available on Anguilla to include boat racing, horseback riding, sports fishing, diving, sailing, tennis and windsurfing. Additionally, a swim with the dolphins program is available on Anguilla.

Anguilla Tennis:

The majority of the hotels and resorts on Anguilla have tennis courts that may be booked even if you are not a guest.

Anguilla Time Zone:

Anguilla falls in the Atlantic Time zone, which is one hour ahead of US Standard time. The island does not observe daylight savings time.

Anguilla Population:

The population on Anguilla is 12,738.

Anguilla Location:

Anguilla is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands, lying at 18-degree latitude and 10 minutes north and 63 degrees longitude west.

Anguilla Topography:

Anguilla is a flat island that is approximately 16 miles long and 3 miles wide. Anguilla consists mostly of coral formations and the highest point on Anguilla is the Crocus Hill which is only 213 feet above sea level.

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