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A Caribbean Vacation in Mustique

Mustique is a secluded 1,400-acre island surrounded by beaches of pure white sand, swaying coconut palms and warm turquoise waters. Mustique offers a private retreat of barefoot luxury for those who visit and a peaceful setting where one can rest, recuperate and indulge. Long has Mustique Island been the secluded escape for the truly discerning luxury traveler. Mustique features villas owned by Mick Jagger and David Bowie. We invite you to transport yourself to one of the most exclusive, luxurious and best kept Caribbean villa vacation destination secrets in the world: Mustique.

Mustique Island History

Mustique Island, like many of its Caribbean neighbors, has distinct pre and post-Columbian periods. The Carib and Arawak tribes were the first inhabitants of Mustique Island until the Europeans showed up to use the land for crop cultivation in their New-World triangle trade. The British were the first to develop Mustique Island by constructing barricades and forts to defend against the French. Sugar was the source of revenue on Mustique Island, though the thriving industry fell on hard times as cheaper sorts of cane were found elsewhere in the Caribbean. Eventually the farm system of Mustique Island fell to staple crops such as cotton and corn while the land became divided into private estates.

Colin Tennant played a large role in the history of Mustique Island, purchasing the tropical paradise in 1958. A growing population and produce export business led to a resurgence in economic stability. Ten years later, the Mustique Company was founded on Mustique Island to oversea environmental controls while expounding the virtues of a revamped tourism industry. Today, Mustique Island offers an airport and modern communications system to accompany its tropical escape appeal.

Island of Mustique Water Sports

The Island of Mustique offers many travelers the ability to leave normal hectic life behind and enjoy the remote paradise. The Caribbean Sea has the most opportunities for activity on the Island of Mustique. Snorkeling and scuba are great ways to enjoy the Island of Mustique with fantastic reefs and beautiful tropical fish.

Island of Mustique Fishing

Year-round catches may include: inshore - salt water salmon and mackerel, jack, yellowtail snapper and barracuda, and deep-sea - tuna, dorado (mahi-mahi), wahoo, sail and marlin. We do NOT allow spearfishing.

Mustique Golf

The Carenage Bay Resort and Golf Club on the neighboring island of Canouan offers a demanding 18-hole course (72 par). Golfers package US$195 per person includes green fees, golf cart, lunch and use of the Beach Club facilities. Transportation to and from Canouan is easily arranged

Mustique Shopping

For those duty-free bargain hunters out there, Mustique does not provide the shopping opportunities of a St. Thomas or Jamaica, but do not let that despair you. Britannia Bay houses a selection of small craft stores, centered around Lovell Village (a short journey from many Mustique villas). Shopping is not the focus of many guests stays while in Mustique villas, though groceries are a necessity and can be found at the few small shops and bakeries. Two main food stops are Corea's Food Store and the Mustique General Store, both a close hop from Mustique villas. There are some other great spots to find a local flare though including coffee shops, French bakeries and souvenir shops like Treasure Boutique.

Mustique Island Restaurants

The island of Mustique offers few opportunities for cuisine, but that does not mean there is not good food. There are only a few Mustique Island restaurants to choose from, though within that small selection there are creative dishes that will leave most guests astonished. West Indian culture is predominate in Mustique Island restaurants, where local seafood mixes with soft tropical creations of drink and spice to create a pure Island experience.

  • Basil's Beach Bar and Restaurant

    Situated in the heart of Britannia Bay, on Mustique Island, and set on stilts over the sea, Basil's Bar has been hosting an international crowd for 25 years. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Beach Bar is the perfect place to watch spectacular sunsets and a chance to see the elusive 'green flash' of Mustique Island.

    In season, Wednesday night is party night - barbeque buffet dinner and 'Jump Up' with live music, Sunday night is 'Locals Night' - a buffet of mouth watering local dishes and live steel band music. Reservations are recommended.

    Basil's Bar is also home to the Annual Blues Festival that takes place on the Island of Mustique in late January.

  • Cotton House Hotel

    Cotton House Restaurant invites you to experience through traditional culinary skills, the finest of Mustique Island ingredients with international flavors. Hours of service:

    Breakfast 7:30 to 10:00 am
    Lunch 12:30 to 2:30 pm (poolside or picnic)
    Afternoon Tea 3:30 to 5:00 pm (on the verandah)
    Dinner 7:30 to 9:30 pm (Reservations are required.)

  • The Beach Bar on Endeavour Bay offers the opportunity to relax with a cocktail from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The barmen in the Great Room will welcome you to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and unique colonial style, a chance to taste one of the many signature cocktails or fine wines from the international list.
  • Firefly

    The inviting cocktail bar has become Mustique Island's gathering place, especially for sunset with its legendary views over Britannia Bay. The dining is first class, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. At night, with candlelit tables arranged on the balcony, the scenery is even more magical, hence reservations are recommended in season. Firefly is also the home of the infamous Mustique Martini Club.

  • Johanna's Banana Café

    Everyone's idea of a tropical café. Enjoy espresso, homemade ice cream and more on the waterfront.

Mustique Nightlife

Mustique nightlife is a little bit of an oxy-moron, though that does not mean there are not things to do on-island. Most activity does take place during the day. This is not an island that brings the party animal out of people, but one where those who have too much activity on a normal basis come to hide away from the everyday perils of socializing. Come enjoy the nightlife of Mustique, alone and lost in paradise with your family and loved ones.

Mustique Weddings

Mustique weddings are very simple to organize while on-island. This beautiful tropical paradise offers easy access to wedding licenses. Mustique weddings require residence on-island for one day and a license that can be obtained on St. Vincent, with valid identification. Mustique wedding licenses are available for a small fee. Evidence of separation is required for any Mustique wedding that takes place between any previously married individual. Whether it be a quaint beachfront ceremony or a lavish private event, Mustique weddings offer a slice of matrimonial bliss.

Mustique Sights and Activities

Mustique offers a wide range of recreational activities to enjoy and many heavenly beaches where one can totally relax, sunbathe and picnic. Walking, hiking on our fitness trail, horseback riding or a game of tennis are great morning activities.

A visit to Britannia Bay, the focal point of the island, houses the famous Basil's Bar and Restaurant, Johanna Banana Café, Sweetie Pie Bakery, Corea's Food Store, Fish Market, Treasure Boutiques for designer clothes shopping, Basil's Boutique for beach wear and Across Forever for Balinese furnishings; all a must see and do while staying in Mustique.

  • Mustique Bird Watching: Over 50 species are indigenous to Mustique, including the Mangrove Cuckoo and Tropical Kingbird. You can enjoy there sounds from any Mustique rentals.
  • Mustique Fitness Trail Look carefully around the flat land near the airport and you'll find 15 handsomely-crafted exercise "stations" scattered between L'Ansecoy Beach and the tennis courts, each with instructions on one particular exercise, varying from warm-ups to pull-ups, abdominal tucks to squats. You don't have to be young or super fit to do the trail, which is easily accessible from Mustique rentals. You can walk around the 2.2 mile loop if you choose, taking between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on your exertion rate. Each instruction has different levels from beginner to expert. "It's a great way to get a full-body work-out and experience the island," says the trail's creator, Tennis Pro Richard Schaffer.
  • Mustique Hiking It is easy to explore the history of Mustique going back to the days when cotton was king. Mustique is easy to explore on foot although there are no marked trails. The adventurous can find the remains of old sugar mills, slave quarters and plantation houses. Pre-columbian pottery can also be found. Some beaches are connected
  • Mustique Horseback Riding The Mustique Equestrian Centre offers thoroughbred horses and island ponies to take you on scenic riding trails all around the island. These trails meander up into the hills, offering impressive panoramic views, and down on the white sand beaches where you can gallop in the surf. Horse riding may be arranged at the Mustique Equestrian Centre, located near to the tennis courts.
  • Mustique Picnicking Picnics are greatly enjoyed on Mustique. Picnic areas are located on Lagoon, Macaroni and Pasture beaches and are available for private parties. Barbeque grills are located at Lagoon (area #1) and at Macaroni (area #1). All picnic areas should be reserved.
  • Mustique Spa and Fitness Spa and Fitness activities include the Spa at Cotton House, the perfect place for a little self-indulgent rest and rejuvenation, and a fitness trail with 15 exercise stations located on approximately a 2.2 mile circuit around the airport.
  • The Cotton House Spa, located on Endeavour Bay, offers a wide variety of treatments, body massages and spa packages using E'Spa aromatherapy skincare products. The spa is open throughout the week.

    For a massage on your yacht, contact Roxanne. Her massages are a combination of Shiatsu, Swedish and Reflexology.

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