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A Caribbean Vacation in Nevis

Nevis Island is resplendent in tropical beauty and steeped in colonial history. Nevis is a rare island, off the beaten path and offering true beauty. Measuring 36 sq miles, Nevis is situated in the Leeward Islands along with St. Kitts. A visit to Nevis Island aboard a luxury charter yacht offers a unique chance to relax on a destination that is remote and secluded from everyday life. Visit the famous Pinney's Beach, next to the Four Seasons Nevis Resort - then play a round at the Resort's exceptional golf facility. Designed by Robert Trent Jones II, the course provides a dramatic view of the Resort, the Caribbean and the neighboring island of St. Kitts.

Nevis At A Glance

A sleepy little Caribbean hideaway…dramatic Nevis Peak wrapped idyllically in cotton white clouds…lush greenery and tropical forests…mineral spa baths…a delightful combination of charm and antiquity…restored sugar plantations…unspoiled…the way the Caribbean "used" to be…the pearl of the Caribbean…friendly people.

Visitors to Nevis will be enchanted by its quiet pace and relaxed Caribbean lifestyle. Nevis is uncrowded, beautiful and still a fairly well kept secret. The island seems to embody a kind of lush tropical paradise usually associated with the South Pacific.

Nevis is a small 36 mile island that lies near the top of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, about 200 miles south of Puerto Rico and just west of Antigua. It is approximately seven miles long and five miles wide. A volcanic island it offers lush and mountainous interiors with natural vegetation that is unparalleled.

Nevis is captivating and its charm and tranquility transports visitors back to a time when things were simpler, when life was more peaceful and when stress was "just a word and not a way of life".

The atmosphere offers an intoxicating blend of sunlight, sea air and fantastically abundant vegetation. The ground rises upwards on Nevis into a cloud forest filled with elusive green velvet monkeys and brilliant tropical flowers. Eco-tourists as well as all who enjoy stunning and natural scenery will find that Nevis exceeds their expectations.

Nevis is one of the remaining unspoiled islands and proudly carries the name of "Queen of the Caribees". From the top of Nevis Peak (3,232 ft.) to the depths of its clear waters, Nevis offers a world of flora and fauna to be explored. Up in the hills, the comical green velvet monkeys, which outnumber humans by more than two to one, chatter and in the distance the whales cruise by in the clear blue seas.

Ranking as one of the most naturally beautiful of the Caribbean islands, Nevis offers a wide range of outdoor activities and is one of the Caribbean's finest destinations for eco-tourism. Nevis posses a remarkable range of unspoiled ecosystems that range from its coral reefs to the dense rainforest among the clouds. The island's tall, volcanic mountains are covered with blankets of lush, green vegetation and are perfect for hiking and exploring. The inviting blue waters of the Caribbean are ideal for swimming, sailing, fishing and diving.

Hiking in the rain forest is certainly a must for all visitors, whether it is a short hike through a nature trail or a daylong hike to the top of Nevis Peak (3,232 ft.). Visitors to Nevis can walk the beach and learn about the nesting of sea turtles or go snorkeling and learn about the wonders of life under the sea.

The island offers quaint charm with its antiquity and the many visible relics of yesteryear that are dotted all over the island. Long ago, Nevis was considered the "Queen of the Caribbees" due to its unimaginable wealth from its very productive sugar industry. Historic ruins of old churches; plantation houses and stone buildings are all evident.

Visitors will enjoy walking the streets of the delightful capital and port of Charlestown-one of the most captivating and picturesque of the Caribbean's colonial harbor towns. A lack of modernization has kept much of Charlestown in its original state and many local efforts are underway to preserve its original buildings.

Nevis Activities

Golf, swimming, sailing, tennis, horseback riding.

Nevis Golf

Guests visiting Nevis Island have access to two golf courses with great play. There is an 18-hole championship course at The Royal St. Kitts Golf Course at Frigate Bay. These beautiful tree-lined links overlook the Caribbean and Atlantic coastlines on acres of rolling property. For serious golf enthusiasts, The Robert Trent designed championship course at the Four Seasons Resort is considered on of the best course in the Caribbean. The Four Seasons Golf Course stretches out with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and stunning views of Nevis Peak to the other. Club rental, cart rental, and full facilities are available on site.

Nevis Beaches

Nevis offers beaches that vary in color from white to a rich, volcanic black.

  • Newcastle Beach A favorite of snorkelers, it offers a broad white sand beach at the northernmost tip of the island.
  • Oualie Beach: A sheltered cove that is perfect for swimming, sailing and kayaking. Watersports rentals available
  • Pinney's Beach: A gorgeous six-mile ribbon of white sand fringed with lush palm trees. Picture perfect, Pinney's Beach offers soft, sugar fine white sands that are punctuated by tall coconut palms. The waters are reef protected and calm and shallow. Nearby is the palm-fringed lagoon of Nelson's Spring.

Nevis Climate

Warm and sunny with temperatures between 75 F and 90 F year round. During the winter, the nights are slightly cooler and so it might be a good idea to bring a cotton sweater.

Nevis Marriage and Weddings

Nevis Island offers an easy way to say your Caribbean I-do's. Relaxed requirements make Nevis weddings available to many couples. Nevis weddings have the luxury of a stunningly beautiful natural backdrop, rolling hills fall away into blazing Caribbean sunsets and warm off-shore breezes. Couples can choose to organize a large Four Seasons Nevis wedding, though weddings in Nevis need not be a grandiose event. A simple beachfront Nevis wedding may be just the atmosphere you are looking for.

An $80 fee follows a residency requirement of two business days on the Island to be able to hold a Nevis wedding. This licensing fee for a Nevis wedding may be reduced if your planned stay is extended past the two day requirement. Valid forms of ID (passport of birth certificate) must be presented in order to facilitate a Nevis wedding.


  1. Couples may get married on the third day after either the bride or groom is on Nevis.
  2. Both parties must have a valid passport or a certified birth certificate.
  3. If either party is divorced, a decree absolute must be presented.
  4. If any documents are not in English, they must be accompanied by a notarized translation.
  5. For Catholics, must be in a Catholic Church and a letter must come from the couple's priest verifying marriage status.
  6. For other Christian religions, a letter must come from the couple's resident minister verifying that the couple is unmarried.
  7. More specifics may be obtained by contacting the Nevis Department of Legal Affairs at 869.465.2521.

Nevis Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Beautifully clear blue seas are filled with colorful exotic fish that dart in and out of shipwrecks and stunning coral reefs making St. Kitts and Nevis diving an exceptionally visual experience. Many experience Nevis divers would consider the island an amazing trip worth while solely for the scuba. Some of the best St. Kitts and Nevis diving can be found along Monkey Shoals, a coral reef that ranges from 40' to 100' in depth and contains a wide array of sea-life, including sea turtles and nurse sharks.

Off the Southern tip of Nevis lies ‘The Caves'. This St. Kitts and Nevis diving spot houses a collection of marine life. On a few of the more advanced St. Kitts and Nevis diving trips, hydrophones (underwater sonic devices) can be used to detect the presence of dolphins and whales who migrate through the area during January to April. Closer to shore, especially around Pinney Beach, those who are not into Nevis diving can explore shallower calm waters with a snorkel.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving have only recently become established on Nevis, despite the fact that its coastal waters hide dozens of unexplored shipwrecks.

More than 400 ships sank here between 1493 and 1825 but only a dozen or so have been identified to date. The Caribbean side of the island is protected and visibility off the shores is generally in the 60-100 foot range.

Nevis Tennis

Tennis may be enjoyed for fees at many of the hotels/inns to include the Four Seasons Resort.

Nevis Nightlife

From simple beach bars to the Four Seasons resort, Nevis nightlife is varied and fun. Many expect Nevis nightlife to be a bit slow, but there is much to find on this small island. While you won't find the normal American clubs, there is much to the nightlife of Nevis to keep you entertained.

Enjoy a few of the local Nevis nightlife spots.

  • Cover Point Bar Also known as Ruthie's, this Nevis nightlife spot is just off the main road leaving town (across from the grocery). An absolute locals spot with cold beer and outdoor pool table. A must see of a local dive!
  • Eddy's Bar Wednesday night is king at this Nevis nightlife gathering point. With a live DJ and cheap drinks and food, this karaoke-offering bar draws a fun-loving crowd.
  • Oaulie Beach Bar Beach Barbeque on Tuesdays define this Nevis nightlife spot. Located on the beach overlooking at Oaulie Bay, this bar can be hit or miss with the crowds, but when the steak and lobster are grilling, watch out!

Nevis Art Galleries

  • Eva Wilkin Studio Housed in an old sugar mill, this gallery features the work of several well-known artists – including the late Eva Wilkin – as well as prints, antique maps and gift items.
  • Spencer Cameron Gallery The Spencer Cameron Gallery was established 20 years ago and houses an impressive collection of works by Caribbean artists, as well as historical reproductions of Caribbean island charts and prints. Owner Rosie Cameron's popular Carnival clown prints are also on display.
  • The Gallery of Nevis Art This is a quaint West Indian house/gallery owned by Marie Clark, an American artist who has been living in Nevis for the past 12 years. The Gallery of Nevis Art exhibits the artwork and batiks of local artists.


  • Cultural Complex Situated at Stoney Grove in Charlestown, the Cultural Complex offers cultural activities from late July to early August.
  • Botanical Garden The Botanical Garden of Nevis is a world-class garden with incredible displays and collections of palms, orchids, cacti, flowering trees and shrubs. A gift shop and West Indian Tea House make this a wonderful place to spend an afternoon enjoying the plants, incredible views, dining and shopping. Situated at Cole Hill, Montpelier Estate in St. John's Parish.
  • Brimstone Hill Fortress When you visit Brimstone Hill, you will start at the Visitor's Center for a presentation of this magnificent fortress, stepping back in time and learning what it was like for the early inhabitants of St. Kitts during the 17th and 18th centuries. Brimstone Hill houses a museum that displays restored barracks with bayonets and musket balls. The panoramic view from this fortress is breathtaking.
  • Courthouse and Public Library The Nevis Courthouse and Public Library was built in 1825 and is an imposing example of colonial stone architecture. Its windows stand open in a welcoming way and its first-floor shutters do double duty as the bulletin board for legal notices.
  • Indian Castle Race Track Situated in Gingerland, it is run by the Nevis Turf and Jockey Club. Open on holidays for horse racing, beginning at 1:00 pm. Contact president Richard Luppinacci at (869) 469-2201 for more information
  • Montpelier House Montpelier House was the site of Lord Nelson's marriage to Fanny Nisbet and her girlhood home. Nothing remains of the original house except the estate's entrance pillars, but it shares the grounds with the great house of Montpelier Plantation Inn, a sugar mill dating from 1794 and beautiful trees and gardens.
  • Nisbet Plantation Nisbet has a white coral sand beach with a coral reef in front of the property. Some of our guests spend all or part of a day there, snorkeling and enjoying lunch at their beachside restaurant, Coconuts.
  • Romney Manor Batik Factory and Gardens Once owned by Sam Jefferson, the great-grandfather of Thomas Jefferson (third president of the United States). Set in approximately 4 hectares (10 acres) of grounds, Romney Manor is famous for two things: its majestic gardens and its batik factory, Caribelle Batik. Enjoy observing the artists as they demonstrate this fine art, using traditional "sea island cotton" and the old Indonesian methods of resisting dye with wax.
  • Scenic Railway Tour This railway was built between 1912 and 1926 to deliver sugar cane from the fields to the sugar mill in the St. Kitts capital of Basseterre. The tour provides a fascinating opportunity to see the island from the vantage point of a comfortable railcar built specifically for touring.
  • Museum of Nevis History The museum's collection features exhibitions on the history, culture and environment of Nevis, focusing on geology, the indigenous people, the contact period, leisure time, cooking and home craft, schools, churches, Jewish heritage, government and politics. There is a lovely, quiet courtyard looking out over the water. Located at the Alexander Hamilton Birthplace in Charlestown.
  • The Horatio Nelson Museum The Horatio Nelson Museum at Belle Vue, next to Government House, exhibits the largest collection of memorabilia in the New World related to Horatio Nelson (the British military hero who defeated the combined French and Spanish fleets at Trafalgar). An exhibition entitled "Nevis in the Time of Nelson" sets the stage for Nelson's accomplishments by telling the story of the pre-Columbian period and the era of sugar and slavery on Nevis. The artifacts, featuring prints, porcelain, glass, ship models and enamels, form one of the region's most impressive decorative art collections.
  • Grove Park Situated in Charlestown, it is mostly run by the Nevis Cricket Association. Open daily.

Nevis Island History

Like many surrounding islands in the Caribbean, much of the history of Nevis island began with Christopher Columbus who passed by the Island in 1493. The distinct shape of Nevis Island, a dormant cratered volcano, was reminiscent of snow covered mountains in Spain. Columbus decided to name Nevis Island ‘Nuestra Senora de las Nieves' or ‘Our Lady of the Snow". The pre-Columbus inhabitants of Nevis Island were the Arawak and Carib tribes, who were spread across the Caribbean Sea. In the 17th century, English merchants began using Nevis Island for trading, establishing sugar and tobacco estates across the land. Nevis Island, like many of its neighbors, underwent the typical power struggle between the major European powers, though by the late 18th century, the British were firmly in control of Nevis Island and St. Kitts.

1967 marked a transition in the history of Nevis Island, as it and St. Kitts were no longer considered part of the British Commonwealth. This time period marked a shift from agricultural development to the tourist industry that is still a strong part of the economic prosperity of Nevis Island. Nevis Island achieved independence in 1983 and maintains its own unique parliament that allows for interesting provisions within the laws of the Constitution. Nevis Island has the right to separate from St. Kitts, and a 1998 referendum fell just short of the required votes to have it go through. For now, Nevis Island remains part of a dual island entity, but that doesn't make Nevis Island any less appealing to visit!

Nevis Shopping

Interesting markets and charming boutiques are just a few of the ways to spend time on Nevis. All types of wares can be found on the island, from crafts and jewelry, to original artwork and stunningly fresh local produce

Nevis Restaurants

The small island of Nevis is well known for its natural beauty, but many would not expect Nevis restaurants to be as good as they are. Though the island has yet to reach gourmet status, many Nevis restaurants offer a unique cultural experience that can keep guests entertained over the course of their vacation. Local flavors come in contact with international techniques at a variety of restaurants on Nevis. Seafood abounds and is often mixed with tropical fruits and vegetable into classic West Indian dishes at some great Nevis Restaurants.

Try some of the following Nevis restaurants:

  • Four Seasons Dining Room The most refined Nevis restaurant by far combines Caribbean cuisine and international techniques flawlessly. Four Seasons Resort, Pinney's Beach. Reservations: 869.469.1111
  • Miss June's The Nevis restaurant is hosted by June Mestier and represents one of the true local experiences in dining on the island. Guests will dine at her home as she prepares some of the best Caribbean home cooking to be found. Jones Bay. Reservations: 869.469.5330
  • Tequila Sheila's A very casual Nevis restaurant; this open-air dining area by the sea draws all types with beautiful vies of St. Kitts and great West Indian cuisine. Cades Bay. Reservations: 869.469.8139
  • Hermitage Plantation Tour the oldest building on the island and enjoy some of the best food at this Nevis restaurant in the Hermitage Plantation Hotel. Reservations: 869.469.3477

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