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A Caribbean Vacation on Peter Island

Picture mooring your luxury charter yacht in a quiet cove. Sugary sand beaches. Whispering breezes. Pastel, turquoise waters. There are uniquely special places on earth and this private island is one of them. Exuding a casual, welcoming informality, this oceanfront retreat in the British Virgin Islands is synonymous with unparalleled relaxation, as well as with exceptional weather, making its appeal irresistible. Of the world's preferred destinations, only one truly reflects the tranquility and beauty of the Caribbean. Peter Island.

Half of this island, boasting a good marina and docking facilities, is devoted to the yacht club. The other part is deserted. A gorgeous beach is found at palm-fringed Deadman's Bay, which faces the Atlantic but is protected by a reef. The island is so sparsely populated that except for an occasional mason at work, about the only company you'll encounter will be an iguana or a feral cat whose ancestors were abandoned generations ago by shippers (the cats are said to have virtually eliminated the island's rodent population).

Today, Peter Island draws guests to its romantic seclusion, its untouched beauty and world-class villa atmosphere. Named one of the "Best Places to Stay in the World" and "Top 20 Islands" in the world by Conde Nast Traveler. Peter Island recaptures the charisma and natural charm exclusive to the British Virgin Islands. Towering palm trees gently sway in the sea breezes and the sweet fragrances of hibiscus and lilies linger in the air. As you listen to the waves rhythmically caressing the beach.

Peter Island History

History floats through the Virgin Islands like an old ship, anchoring long enough at Peter Island to unload a rich heritage of pirates, plantations, and a private island hideaway.

Christopher Columbus discovered the Virgins on his second voyage to the New World in 1493. As he sailed through Sir Francis Drake Channel, Columbus named the enchanting and untouched chain of islands after St. Ursula's 11,000 followers, who chose death in fourth-century Cologne rather than submit to the marauding Huns.

Once Spain claimed the region, outlaw privateers routinely attacked her ships, homeward bound with riches from the New World. The hilly Virgin Islands, with countless nooks and bays, proved ideal hiding grounds for buccaneers like Henry Morgan, Sir John Hawkins, and Sir Francis Drake, whose name claims the channel between Peter Island and Tortola.

Peter Island Shopping

Peter Island, offer an array of arts and crafts boutiques, surf shops, and stores featuring local island merchandise. Check out these places to find unique gifts, gear, and souvenirs. There is no Sales Tax in the British Virgin Islands.

Peter Island Dining and Restaurants

From West Indian to Cordon Bleu cuisine, the British Virgin Islands have a restaurant to satisfy every palate, mood, and budget. Some restaurants are on the beach, others can be found along the islands' dramatic ridges offering breathtaking views of the sea. Other restaurants are located in historic sugar mills, surfside shacks and fragrant tropical gardens. With hundreds of restaurants throughout our islands, whatever your mood, the variety is endless and the dining is exceptional.

Don't miss some of our local island specialties, such as:

  • Roti: A flavorful East Indian flat bread filled with meat or vegetables.
  • Paté: Not to be mistaken for liver pâté, this West Indian dish is baked/grilled style pita bread filled with spiced meat, seafood, or vegetables.
  • Fungi: In no way related to the mushroom, this delight is made from cornmeal and okra, and is usually served with seafood dishes. Very similar to Italian polenta.
  • Whelks: A seasonal seafood delicacy that is quite similar to escargot.
  • Conch: Another seasonal seafood delicacy - try it in fritters, paté, soup, salad, or as a main entrée.
  • Anegada lobster: The ultimate in BVI seafood delicacy - reputed to be the best in the Caribbean.
  • Fresh local fruits: Most of these are seasonal like soursop, papaya, mango, pineapple, guava, sugar apple, passion fruit, and tamarind.

Peter Island Restaurant Selections

  • Deadman's Beach Bar and Grill – International, West Indian – phone: 284-495-2000 – Serving lunch and dinner on the beach, this casual restaurant features and eclectic menu of West Indian and International dishes.
  • Peter Island Resort and Yacht Club – Asian, Continental, West Indian – phone: 284-495-2000 – The elegant Tradewinds Restaurant serves dinner and features gourmet cuisine with West Indian, Asian, and Continental influences. Dress code applies.
  • Callaloo On The Beach – International, West Indian – phone: 284-494-3311 – At Prospect Reef Beach Club, offers stylish Caribbean food.

BVI Golf and Peter Island Resort

There are no golf courses on Peter Island or Tortola, but that doesn't mean golf fanatics should cross Peter Island off their list of dream destinations.

Concentrated within a large grouping of Caribbean islands, Peter Island is only a short distance from some fabulous golf courses; a quick cruise on your luxury charter yacht makes a morning or afternoon on the fairways easy.

The most convenient location to golf while staying on Peter Island is St. Thomas, who's spectacular Mahogany Run Golf Course, could compete with any in the Caribbean. This 18-hole championship course was recently renovated to add to its already superb facilities, which include a large outdoor clubhouse, restaurant, and pro shop. Mahogany Run lies right on the water, and offers breathtaking views of Tortola and the rest of the BVI.

Peter Island Resort Fishing and Boating

Everyone can experience the British Virgin Islands by sea. Referred to as the sailing capital of the Caribbean, the BVI offers the finest and safest sailing in the world. The only thing you'll need is a spirit for adventure.

A Sailor's Paradise.

The BVI has the consistency of the Caribbean trade winds, clear blue water, islands close enough for a day sail, and sunshine every day. Winds generally blow northeast to southeast at 10-25 knots, and are sometimes stronger in the winter months. From the main capital island of Tortola, sailors have incredible variety in a cruising area that is about 32 miles long and 15 miles wide. A sailing vacation gives you the freedom to create your own itinerary amid the sixty islands and cays that form the BVI. Host to many yacht clubs, the BVI Spring Regatta features three days of exciting festivities and competition. Over 100 yachts will participate this year.

Deep sea, fly-fishing, bone fishing, and more in the British Virgin Islands

Fisherman can also rent a classic wooden boat or use your luxury charter yacht's ocean kayak and cruise the mangroves or flats where they will find bonefish, tarpon, snooke, jacks, and of course, the barracuda. The Northern drop-off of the island borders the Atlantic Ocean making deep-sea fishing plentiful. Use the the tender or fishing boat from your luxury charter yacht, or hook up with a knowledgeable local guide. Using ballyhoo, small baitfish and feather hoochies, fishermen will cast for trophy-sized game fish such as yellow fin and black fin tuna, wahoo, dolphin (dorado) and the most popular game fish in the world, the blue marlin. A truly exciting fishing adventure! Traditional local fishermen typically use small skiffs to catch snapper and triggerfish in fish traps to sell to island restaurants. Anegada lobster, famous throughout the islands, are caught in pots and fishermen dive for conch off the beaches north of the salt ponds.

Diving and snorkeling

The British Virgin Islands are volcanic outcrops of a vast underwater plateau that stretches for more than 70 miles where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic. Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, and more than 60 other smaller islands form a protective ring around the crystal-clear aquamarine water known as the Sir Francis Drake Channel. They create a sheltered paradise of secluded coves, calm shores and sweeping beaches. This extraordinary setting provides outstanding underwater visibility, healthy coral and a wide variety of exotic dive sites, with air temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Countless reefs, towering coral pinnacles, underwater caves, lava tunnels, canyons, massive boulders and grottoes are strewn across this vast submerged shelf, creating a choice of dive sites that range from shallows for the novice snorkeller to dramatic sea caverns and extraordinary shipwrecks for the experienced scuba diver.

Diving in BVI waters where visibility may reach more than 100 feet is always a thrill, and many beginning divers choose to get certified here. Dive shops make it simple for students to take an entire course during their holiday. Or, if you've already begun your certification process, you can complete your open water daytime or nighttime dives in calm, warm seas protected from high wind and waves.

Time Zone

Peter Island is on Atlantic Standard Time, one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time. When the east coast of the U.S. observes Daylight Savings Time, St. Lucia's time remains the same.

Peter Island Resort Beaches

Remote. Tranquil. Pristine. Beautiful. The beaches of the British Virgin Islands come in all shapes and sizes, and each one is unique. They are not only beautiful, but are almost always uncrowded and very often deserted. Palm-fringed, white sandy beaches, combined with a translucent ocean that teems with marine life and coral reefs, attract boaters and landlubbers alike. Snorkel, sail, sunbathe, or shell at any one of these coves. The beaches in the British Virgin Islands have been voted the "best beaches" by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. BVI beaches like Cane Garden Bay Beach on Tortola, Loblolly Bay Beach on Anegada, White Bay Beach on Jost Van Dyke, The Baths on Virgin Gorda, and Deadman's Bay Beach on Peter Island are all rated world class

Peter Island Resort Nightlife

Bring a good book. When it comes to nightlife, Peter Island is no St. Thomas, and everybody here seems to want to keep it that way. Most people are content to have a leisurely dinner and then head for bed.

If you really want to pursue for the Nightlife I suggest checking on the nearby Island of Tortola. Ask around to find out which hotel might have entertainment on any given evening. Steel bands and fungi or scratch bands (African Caribbean musicians who improvise on locally available instruments) appear regularly, and nonresidents are usually welcome. Pick up a copy of Limin' Times, an entertainment magazine that lists what's happening locally.

  • Beach Club Terrace – Road Town Area – Is located at Baugher's Bay, Tortola, and offers Mexican, Mediterranean, American, and West Indian cuisine. Overlooking Road Harbour in Tortola, this charming restaurant features candlelight dinners and live jazz. Phone: 284-494-2272
  • Bing's Drop Inn Bar – East End in Tortola – International – Known as an after-hours dance spot, Bing's also offers a late-night bar menu.

Peter Island Resort Weddings

Where you choose to marry will always hold a special significance for the two of you. Weddings in the British Virgin Islands are memorable and stress-free occasions. A marriage license is simple to arrange, and the certificate is valid in the United States. Your choices couldn't be more romantic. Hold your ceremony on deck overlooking the turquoise sea, in a tropical garden, on a tranquil beach, or on a mountaintop. Invite family and friends to share your special day. Or rent an entire island and have a private ceremony with a few intimate friends.

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