A Medley of Reasons for a Luxury Charter Yacht Vacation

TO: You should know if this is for you....
SUBJECT: We Gotta Get Out of This Place

The Problem: You Can't Always Get What You Want...

The basic problem is A Question of Balance. We know all too well about the grind of daily life. I love my day job (no, I'm not kidding - I am one of the lucky ones that really does) But sometimes it seems impossible to find enough time and energy to take care of my family AND take care of my business AND still have some quality time for myself. You may recall when Mr. SPOCK (with totally no emotion) said "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one". Lately it seems that the wants and needs of the family outweigh my personal needs and wants. Even worse, the demands of the business outweigh both my personal and my family's wants and needs. I can't get no satisfaction. I am left alone on the hamster wheel running at full speed ...

I need to make some time for myself - to relax, to have fun - and thereby to recharge my own batteries and revitalize my soul. I want and need to spend time with the family before the kids forget what I look like or I forget what they look like, they already seem about 4 inches taller than last time I looked....

The Goal: On the Threshold of a Dream...

If I were to fantasize about the PERFECT holiday from the rat race - one where I could do just about everything I can think of to relax and have fun - one where I truly could re-energize myself - it would be something like this:

  • The location should be incredibly beautiful. Golden sunshine, warm breezes, clear turquoise water, swaying palms, soft white sand beaches...
  • There should be lots of fun activities - sailing, hiking, swimming, biking, snorkeling, scuba diving, exploring, waterskiing, fishing, shopping, surfing, dancing etc.
  • There should be plenty of time and opportunity to relax, read a book, catch some rays, catch a few Z's, cuddle with my sweetie and just unwind and chill.
  • There has to be GREAT food and wine.
  • I want to do what I want, when I want. If I want to play, I play. If I want to sleep, I sleep. If I want to eat, I eat.... You get the picture.
  • I want someone else to do all the work, and take care of all the details. I want to be pampered and taken care of like I'm a Rock Star.
  • I want to be able to get away from the crowds. Spend time with my children, or with just my one true love. Quiet, uninterrupted, quality time.
  • I'm sure you've all gone on vacations where you spent so much time and energy running around doing everything and seeing everything that you came home more exhausted than when you left. You had a great time, but you really needed a vacation by the time you got home. I want to get home from this vacation totally rested and rejuvenated.

The Solution:

But if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need...

I have found what, for me, is the perfect answer to this problem.

When I need to get away and renew my zest for life, I charter a yacht in the Virgin Islands, and spend a magical week in a magical place. I am not just on the threshold of a dream - I am living my dream!

Everything in my fantasy is right here. I can soak up the sun, or run on deserted beaches and laugh out loud. The crew of my yacht feeds me and treats me like Royalty. When the sun is out there is never a dull moment. I can play with the kids, or watch from my hammock on deck with my drink in hand as one of the crew screams by in the dinghy with the kids laughing and hanging on for dear life to the tube he's pulling. If we're lucky we'll see a pod of whales or a group of frolicking dolphins. For sure we will see sea turtles and millions of colorful reef fish. When the sun goes down we all sit under the stars and talk about the fun day we've had, and plan for more adventures tomorrow. Maybe after the kids are asleep I can pretend I'm still in college and drink too much and fall asleep under the stars. I think it must be a scientific fact that there are more stars in the Virgin Islands than anywhere else on the planet. But if instead the moon is full and so big and bright that it's hard to see the stars then I can lay on a deserted beach beside my lover with the gentle waves just lapping at our feet.

Personally, I prefer a sailing yacht, and I prefer the Virgin Islands. When the sails are full and the only sounds are the wind in the rigging and the sound of the water rushing past, that's getting about as close to heaven on earth as I know..., I want the wind in my hair and the sun beating down. I want to see and feel the sexy rain. Up north they don't understand, but down here we call it liquid sunshine...warm rain while the sun is still shining....then in an instance as fast as it came...the rain is all over...that's sexy rain...

Others might prefer the St. Martin, St. Barts type of holiday, enjoying the even greater luxury and opulence of a motor yacht. Not as quiet and laid back as sailing the Virgin Islands. There is more night life. There are Casinos. The towns are more European in flavor.

Different escapes for different personalities. But the end result is the same: After a week or two of this sort of fantasy - I know from past experience how much I will not want to leave and how much I will long to go back. Yet I come back invigorated and ready to take on the world. Miraculously the business runs smoother, the family is harmonious, more gets done in a shorter time, and all is well in my universe. Balance is restored.

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