A Luxury Vacation Aboard a Luxury Charter Sailing Yacht

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An Answer to "Life is Too Short...": A luxury vacation aboard a private luxury charter sailing yacht.

Spend a week (or two) on a luxury vacation aboard your own private luxury charter sailing yacht in the Caribbean - a magically beautiful paradise of golden sunshine, bright blue skies, picturesque emerald islands dotting turquoise waters, secluded beaches of soft white sand, gentle tropical breezes caressing your body, and unbelievably warm, clear water to frolic in. There will be plenty of romantic, relaxing, rejuvenating time for the adults. You will have your own attentive staff to pamper you and anticipate your every need. Your own personal chef will prepare gourmet dishes designed specifically to please your palate. The synergy of the exquisite cuisine together with the carefully selected wines will leave you properly prepared for the fabulous dessert selections to follow. There will be plenty of activities for the kids - they will never be whining that they are bored; Most importantly - you will be with the ones you love, enjoying precious time together. You will be experiencing what we feel to be the best family vacation in the world.

I'm sure many of you have had the experience of checking in at a resort only to have the kids (especially teens) immediately scatter. You might not see them any more than you do at home. This is the biggest difference - and the best part-of a charter yacht vacation: You play together, you eat together, and in the evening you gather together on the deck under a sea of stars like you've never seen before. Even the most rambunctious child is pleasantly tired from swimming, sailing, skiing, fishing, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and having the most fun of their lives. You'll find this a very bonding time-quietly sitting and talking together until everyone drifts off to bed - to dream about tomorrow's adventures.

A luxury vacation aboard a luxury charter sailing yacht will cost a bit more than staying at the hotel on the beach - however there is really no comparison. The difference is that a week at the beachfront hotel is an expense - the week or so on a luxury charter sailing yacht is an investment in your family. Your investment will be rewarded many times over through the bonds and memories it creates that become more and more valuable with time.

Like they say in the credit card commercial....

Sunscreen and hat: $174.23 (don't get burned)

New clothes for the trip: $387.68 (you don't need much)

Fully crewed multimillion dollar yacht for the week: $20,000-$500,000 (Sky's the limit)

The bonding time together with friends and family making lasting memories on secluded beaches: PRICELESS!

Does this luxury vacation aboard a luxury charter sailing yacht sound like an unaffordable fantasy? Like something only the rich and famous could do? You might be surprised at how affordable such a luxury vacation can be!

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