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For the truly elite traveler, a private yacht charter on a Mega Yacht luxury charter yacht by Luxury Yacht Source allows you to indulge in the ultimate luxury vacation of your dreams. A luxury charter yacht vacation in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Bahamas, New England, or Pacific offers you, the discriminating traveler, an exclusive, luxurious, private setting, with the superb excellence of sumptuous gourmet cuisine, superlative wines and Five Star service to which you are accustomed.

A vacation on a superyacht charter yacht provides escape into an almost endless string of picturesque coves and powder-soft white sand beaches. From the deck of your superyacht charter yacht you gaze on endless views of the lush landscapes of nearby islands, creating a stunningly beautiful seascape of green mountains, thick rain forests, colorful reefs, white sand beaches, clear blue waters and ever-blooming flowers, all bathed in an atmosphere of pleasant tropical sounds and fragrances. A week or two aboard a luxury superyacht charter yacht is a desirable, exclusive vacation for the most discerning of clients. Our superyacht charter yachts include full staffs to cater to your every whim, personal chefs to tantalize your palate and accommodations fit for royalty.

All About Mega Yacht Charter Yachts

A 45 to 50 meters (148 to 164 feet) luxury charter yacht, the smallest with a generally accepted claim to superyacht status, will usually be a three decker with cabins for 10-12 guests (12 is the usual maximum number of guests, due to licensing regulations, as it is very expensive for a luxury charter yacht to obtain the licensing necessary to carry more than 12.), and for a crew of a similar size. The accommodation on this type of luxury charter yacht is typically as follows:

  • Lower deck: exterior swimming platform at the stern; four (sometimes five) guest cabins with en-suite bath or shower rooms aft; engine room amidships; crew quarters forward.
  • Main deck: sheltered exterior deck aft leading into the salon; dining room and galley; entrance amidships; owner's suite forward, usually includes either a study or a second twin stateroom.
  • Upper deck: exterior deck aft, often used for outdoor dining; second salon (often called the sky lounge); staffed bar inside or outside or both; sixth stateroom will be amidships if it is not on the lower deck or part of the owner's suite; gym (may also be on the lower deck or part of the owner's suite); captain's cabin; bridge.
  • Sun deck: on the roof of the upper deck, often features a jacuzzi.

A 50 meter luxury charter yacht will have one or more luxury charter yacht tenders for reaching shore and other "toys" which may include a speed boat or sailing boat, jet-skis, windsurfing and diving equipment and a Banana boat. Up to date yachts have multiple flat screen televisions and satellite communications.

The number of very large luxury charter yachts has increased rapidly since the 1990s and increasingly only luxury charter yachts above around 65 meters (213 feet) stand out among other luxury yachts. A luxury charter yacht of this size is almost always built to individual commissions and costs tens of millions of dollars (most luxury charter yacht super-yachts cost far more than their owners' homes on land, even though those homes are likely to be among the largest and most desirable). A luxury charter yacht of this size usually has four decks above the water line and one or two below. It is likely to have a helicopter landing platform. Apart from additional guest cabins, which are likely to include one or more "VIP suites" besides the owner's suite, extra facilities compared to a 50 meter luxury charter yacht will include some or all of indoor jacuzzis, sauna and steam rooms, a beauty salon, massage and other treatment rooms, a medical centre, a discotheque, a cinema with a film library, plunge pool (possibly with a wave-maker), a playroom, and additional living areas such as a separate bar, secondary dining room, private sitting rooms or a library. There will be more boats and "toys" than there are on a 50 meter yacht.

As of 2006 a luxury charter yacht above 100 meters (328 feet) are still sufficiently rare, but increasingly more common, that many luxury charter yacht enthusiasts can name them all. They typically have five decks above the water line and two below. The very largest luxury charter yacht will often incorporate such features as helicopter hangars, indoor swimming pools and miniature submarines. The burgeoning number of "small" super yachts has led to the introduction of the hyperbolic terms Mega Yacht and Giga Yacht to demarcate the elite luxury charter yacht.

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