“It seems that everything just happens by magic behind the scenes”...

Renew Family Charter


Just wanted to write to let you know what a great time we had aboard the Irie.  As you know, we were a bit reluctant to sail with a new crew that we knew so little about.  But  what a blessing we received.  Derek, Katia, and Robert were more than we could have hoped for.  What a wonderful crew that truly complimented each other.

Our vacation began by being met at the airport in St. Thomas by Robert, the captain.  He arranged for our taxi to the marina.  Derek, the first mate, met us at the marina and took us by dinghy to the Irie.  Aboard the Irie, Katia, the hostess and chef, met us with a wonderful lunch.  After introductions to the boat, Robert started us sailing away on our adventure in the BVI.

Each day started with a delicious meal followed by snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and sailing.  We ended each day in secluded spots and witnessed the most incredible sunsets possible.  Robert, the captain, pampered us and made us feel welcome.  He taught each of us to steer the boat and with the help of Derek, taught us to sail.  He especially  appealed to my 17yo son's odd sense of humor which made his trip most enjoyable.  No request was too much for him.  One day my daughter and I wanted to visit Peter Island resort but no one else in the group did.  So, Robert  loaded us in a dinghy and took us on a tour of  Peter Island.  Acts like this were repeated throughout the trip.  Derek, the first mate, was both gentle and patient in his care of my family.  He spent a good bet of time with my two 20yo and my 17yo.  By the end of the trip, they all felt like they had a new friend.  One day when my 17yo did not want to go scuba diving, Derek took him snorkeling and filled his day with fun without us asking.  He  took great care planning our daily destinations and in choosing the perfect mooring spots.  We saw that he quietly did many things that initially seemed unnoticed to make our vacation more special.  And finally there was Katia.  What a talented and humble woman.  Not only is she a well published water color artist but also an accomplished chef.  Her artistry flows into her preparation of delicious culinary creations.  She spent much time reviewing our request  sheets and created meals that we all enjoyed.  She also extended her warm hand of friendship and made us all feel at home.  Throughout the day we spent much time laughing and playing  with the crew.  We also spent several late evenings playing cards, games and talking.  By the end of our vacation, we no longer thought of them as our crew but as our friends, our family.

The Irie itself is a wonderful boat that was extremely well cared for, clean and comfortable.  We initially thought we did not want a monohull but now I do not think we would want anything else.  The boat was very stable and did not rock as much as I anticipated.  The Irie was very spacious and our family of 5 had no problems being cramped.  The website pictures are exactly the way the boat looks.  I am very picky about appearances and especially cleanliness.  I would not hesitate to vacation on the Irie again.

So how would we rate our "Irie" vacation?   The Ultimate, The Best, A++, Great.

We have vacationed all over the world and throughout the caribbean.  We have been fortunate to stay in many 5 star resorts.  But my family unanimously agrees that our time on the Irie was one of our best family vacations ever.

Thanks to Derek, Katia and Robert for a wonderful "Irie" time.

Oh, forgot to mention.  We were not the only ones that thought the Irie was great.  The week before our trip, the television show Extreme Home Makeover chose to send the family aboard the Irie while their home was being rebuilt.  They will be on the season finale May 20, 2007.

Thanks for all your help,


Dudley Charter


            I can't tell you how wonderful the crew of Irie was. Our family had "the Best" time. When I spoke to you about losing Indigo and that everything happens for a reason, I didn't really know what to expect. I don't think it could have been a better cruise for us. The crew of Irie were terrific and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They were professional, extremely fun. They were interactive with the kids. Wendy is quite a chef. Every meal was a delight. They worked very hard to make sure we were always comfortable and satisfied. I would not have changed one thing about our week. I think that says a lot. My family is unanimous that this was the single best family vacation we have ever taken and we have been on many a family vacations all over and to many fabulous places. They are a "gem". Because they are fairly new on the boat, they are just getting started. Julie if you are looking to place anyone on a charter you have a diamond in the rough here. They were fantastic. We did everything we wanted to do and then some as far as cruising. Chad was a great captain. He was always attentive to our comfort factor and extremely confident. Wendy's meals were fabulous. She worked extremely hard and always had the meal ready when she said it would be. She whipped up some very delicious and well thought out meals! And Derek was a great guy and always there to do whatever needed to be done as well as things that didn't "need" to be done. He was a great "wingman". We had so much fun with them as well. Good times. So to sum it up...It was a huge success and we would do it all over again if we could. I hope the fact that Irie is a monohull does not scare anyone off. She is a very comfortable, beautiful boat with plenty of space. We definitely had an Irie time! Hope this is helpful and please do not hesitate to give my name to anyone thinking of chartering Irie. We loved it that much!

Thanks Susan Dudley"

Winn Family Charter


Happy 2007! Just wanted to update you and let you know that the Winn Family had the most wonderful time on the Irie and both Tom and Nadine have glowing recommendations for the crew!!! They said it was their best vacation ever.