Herb Kiendl - Captain

The 44m Huisman ketch Juliet is a yacht that is admired wherever she goes.  Launched in 1993 as the worldwide benchmark for new sailing yachts, she represented the very pinnacle of two men’s dreams...

For her owner, she was the end product of twenty years work.  Whilst for her Captain, Herb Kiendl,   Juliet represented the culmination of a sailing dream that had begun in New Hampshire in the U.S. some thirty-eight years earlier when, as a six-year-old boy, he was out on the water sailing Sunfish dinghies each summer.

From these wonderfully natural beginnings, Herb pursued his love of the sea at every available opportunity.     By the time he was twelve, the Sunfish had given way to Rhodes 19's and Firefly's, in which he spent each winter learning to maintain, varnish and race...   and by eighteen, he was into Solings, teaching dinghy sailing to adults in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard.

1968 saw him at college studying Business and Art  - whilst during holidays he was out on the water racing as foredeck crew, doing deliveries to and from regattas, and taking part in his first New York Yacht Club cruise  -  prior to graduating as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1972.

By now it was time for a change of scenery, and Herb spent the next seven years living inland developing a love of carpentry, while restoring an old 'Shaker' house.  Throughout this time though, sailing was never far away, and after continuing teaching for Dartmouth College each summer,   he was offered a position as race crew on board the Ericsson 36 'Cadre' for the Maine summer season of 1979.

After establishing a good rapport with the owner, Herb moved aboard the following season, and soon found himself running a 60' motorboat as well when the owner bought a Trumpy 60 named 'Sea Prince'  - which they took down to a number of East coast boat shows along with 'Cadre', as P.R. for Ericsson sailboats.    A realization of the chance to continue yachting as a way of life prompted Herb to take his Captain's license, and after doing some charters on the Trumpy for bird watchers on Florida's Inland Waterways, Herb soon found himself up in the land of opportunity at the Annapolis Boat Show - where he was offered the job as Captain of the ex-Whitbread Baltic 51 'SkopBank of Finland'.

Things were now really beginning to roll,  and with an exciting program ahead, Herb enjoyed the next three years running the Baltic 51 as a charter boat - based out of the U.S.V.I. in the winters, and either the Chesapeake Bay or Newport each summer.   The excitement and lure of horizons new, were soon to combine in a fateful meeting with a charter guest who was in the process of looking for a Swan, in which he wanted to 'sail the world'.

Herb soon found himself in on the project, and in 1987,  after the ideal Swan 651 named 'Show Me' had been located and purchased in L.A.  - he took her down south to Mexico before heading out west for some of the most wonderful, memorable, and romantic sailing available... the Pacific.

'Show Me' most certainly provided the goods, and after the first leg out to Hawaii, they then reached south for the Marquesas - when, with the wind at fifty degrees apparent, and the wheel locked,  they logged 202 miles a day - for eight straight days !

The America's Cup in Perth made for a superb focal point to the end of their Trans-Pacific passage,   where they enjoyed the very best 'seat in the house' for the racing, with 'Show Me'   on station as the port start-line judge.

The call of the sea, however, soon beckoned once more and, after circumnavigating Australia and cruising Fiji,  they headed down south to New Zealand before moving on to Japan for some of the most unforgettable and friendly cruising Herb had ever experienced...

For whilst ashore, they were taken in three times by total strangers - who wined and dined them amidst a large group of their Japanese friends, none of whom understood a word of English !    Indeed this amazingly warm hospitality was extended to them everywhere they went and also included being entertained on a private island.   Out on the water, conditions were somewhat more challenging however, with up to 14 knots of current in the Shimoneseki channel.   Port clearance authorities were sometimes at a loss as to the very purpose of a vessel such as a private yacht...   and at arrival in Puson, they were soon being escorted directly back out of the harbor, rafted up to a gunship !     Conditions off Taiwan were equally as challenging - though in a different way - when they found themselves in the path of an on-coming typhoon, which they only missed very narrowly after sailing 'wing and wing' away from it for all they were worth !

After two months in Hong Kong, they went south once again - this time to the Philippines - where Herb came across what he still holds as being his most attractive harbor worldwide...Porta Galaro, in Mindoro.    Thereafter, it was on to Palau and then Papua New Guinea where, after climbing the island's highest mountain,  a course was laid for Australia once more... some 60,000 miles after leaving L.A, for the end of one memorable chapter... and the start of another.

This time it was romance that provided the focus, where, after meeting his soul mate Paddy, Herb decided it was time to move on from 'Show Me', in search of a new post together.   After flying back to Boston, and doing a delivery down to Ecuador with Paddy,  they received a call from Bruce Katz who had recently purchased  the well known S & S  85' Huisman ketch 'Ebb Tide'.

This proved to be another milestone along the way, for besides once again making a great success of the new job, Herb and Paddy also forged the basis of a superb relationship with an owner they would both still be enjoying the fruits of some fourteen years later.  During their first two and a half years on board 'Ebb Tide' they helped Katz in forming the intricacies and concepts of his own new design which went into build at Huisman's in 1990. 

Herb and Paddy then moved across to Holland to oversee the build in its entirety  - of which, Herb couldn't speak highly enough of the yard's superb organization and orchestration in the creation of  'Juliet' .

The build project itself was nothing less than a pursuit of perfection, during which the owner himself visited the yard no less than sixty times, from conception to completion,  and at the end of which Herb stood tall as a justifiably proud Captain as he sailed out from Holland to begin a west about round the world trip, spanning another five glorious years at sea.

To see 'Juliet' today,   73,000 miles on since her original launch, is to witness the product and very essence of a highly professional captain at his best.   The enthusiasm, commitment and attention to detail most certainly still remain... for 'Juliet' still looks absolutely resplendent. 

Since those early days as a boy in New Hampshire, much water has passed under Herb's bridge...  many oceans crossed, and countries visited,  as the 'Sunfish' dinghy became transformed into 'Juliet' ;   but the same love of the sea still lives on,  as the great provider of a lifetime of happy memories.

    Note from the owner of JULIET:

Herb and Paddy have worked for me for nearly 14 years.   In my opinion there is no better couple working together running any boat in the world.  Herb has logged over 200,000 Nautical Miles and has been around the world twice now.  He has been with Juliet since she was only an aluminum hull in the Royal Huisman Shipyard.  He is the most competent large sailing boat Captain that I have ever met and manages the boat through thick and thin with quiet, graceful confidence and enormous skill that comes from 20 years at sea.

He is a trained diver and first class water skier.  He also loves skiing, reading, mountain biking, motorcycles and woodworking.  He maintains a home in Warren, Vermont where he recharges twice a year on land.   He is a gentleman and a very good friend.

Patricia Lynch - Executive Officer

It is hard to know how to describe someone who has so many talents and so much modesty.  Someone once described Paddy as the person who takes over when the anchor goes down. I am not sure if our Captain Herb would exactly subscribe to that description, but then again, it wasn’t Paddy who said that.

Paddy in addition to be a highly experienced and well- traveled sailor, is in charge of food, accommodations, travel arrangements, provisioning, flowers and the overall care and comfort of the guests on Juliet.  Think, Martha Stewart without attitude. 

Paddy loves beautiful food, flowers, furnishings, and design.  She knows the perfect music and has a sixth sense for when something is needed onboard.  She has been with our Captain Herb forever, as far as I can remember, and has worked with me for 14 years.  If boats had National Treasures, she would be ours.

Paddy hails from Western Massachusetts and once worked as an intern in the U.S. Congress.  She is trained in Life Saving and First Aid and is a terrific skier.  She has hiked in the Andes and skied in New Zealand.  She loves walking, yoga, biking and shopping (especially shopping).  She longs to understand her laptop computer.  She loves kids and dogs, although I am not sure in which order.  She loves all kinds of music except John Coltrane (give her more time on this one).   She is an early riser, but don’t look for her at 11 pm.  She says she likes to dance with rum, but claims she doesn’t drink rum……so, go figure.

She has sailed since she was 18 and loves to travel the world, which she has done for over 15 years now.  Her favorite port was Palaua in Micronesia.  Her first long trip was a delivery from New England to the Caribbean when she was 21.  In 1986 she sailed in the Woman’s Nationals on J24’s.   She met Herb at the America’s Cup in Australia.   She has sailed all through the Pacific, the Caribbean, New England, the Baltic, the Adriatic and the Med.  Paddy lived in Holland for two years during the building of Juliet and knows the boat inside and out. 

Paddy will most assuredly make you feel at home on Juliet.  (You may never want to leave.)

Heather Andrus - Chef

Having joined the boat in 2004, Heather is coming up to a three-year veteran on ‘Juliet.’  She has worked on yachts and as a private chef for more than a decade.  In addition to having been an executive pastry chef for Rockresorts and Jumby Bay

Resort, Antigua, she also worked as a PADI dive instructor (thus earning her the nickname “Splash”).  Pastries, for which she holds a degree, are her forte, but her Pacific Northwest roots are evident  in the abundance of fresh vegetables and seafood that she prepares.  If it’s any indication of the unique & loving meals that are prepared, it seems that every guest requests one of Heather’s recipes.

Jonathan Allen - Mate

Jonathan grew up sailing on the lakes of New Hampshire and coast of Maine.  After graduating from Colby College he spent a year as a draftsman/designer in Boston before pursuing a life at sea.  From New England, Jonathan sailed to California aboard the tall ship 'HMS Rose' where the boat starred as the 'Surprise' in "Master and Commander".  He met the crew of Juliet while working on location for the filming of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and joined the boat in early 2003.  With a quick-witted personality and now a complete working knowledge of Juliet, Jonathan has proven to be a key player in the onboard team.

Charlie Snow – Engineer

Charlie is the newest crewmember to join Juliet.  A UK native. Charlie just might be construed as a gear-head.  To the point, he’s been around engines most of his life,   tuning diesel & petrol engines as well as drive train systems since the 80’s.  Just prior to joining Juliet, Charlie was installing and servicing highly advanced hydraulic systems.  With an Atlantic passage and a very fortunate 2-month turn-over from Juliet”s previous engineer, we are confident Juliet engineering is in good hands.

Jenny Thomander – Stewardess

We are all fortunate to have Jenny’s presence onboard.  Hailing from the West Coast of Sweden and the island of Mallorca, Jenny has been around the sea and boats her entire life.  Having studied in Sweden, England and Spain, as well as making regular journeys to Asia, she is a seasoned traveler.  A year after meeting Jonathan in Stockholm, she left her job in finance to join Juliet.

As stewardess, she welcomes guests aboard with friendly service in three languages.


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