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Captain: Jean Pierre Jean Pierre's skills as a seaman have been honed through years of sailing and traveling the globe. As Captain, he brings to the helm strong, confident abilities as a tested and experienced sailor. It was in the Mediterranean that he began to realize his childhood dream of becoming the Captain of his own vessel. After completing his education, he sailed throughout the world putting his academics into practice on the high seas.Jean Pierre first started running crewed catamarans in 1998, with life partner Sophie and together they had a successful charter career until taking a break in 2005. They had completed many charters together on Dream Catcher since 2000, and many of their guests were sad to see them leave the industry. Jean Pierre stayed with Dream Catcher, traveling throughout the US, Belize and Caribbean and the appearance of a little baby girl in 2006, made him want to be a little closer to their home in the BVI.Jean Pierre is a Certified Dive instructor and will gladly show anyone that is interested the wonders of the underwater world . Envision yourself underwater and weightless as you move throughout this parallel universe with the leadership of this experienced diver. You will explore underwater worlds and spot the aquatic life in exotic places such as the indians, Spy Glass Point of Stevenson's Treasure Isle, the world famous Baths of Virgin Gorda as well as numerous secluded and uninhabited coves and bays of the Caribbean.

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