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Panama Canal Transit!

"Infinty" sets sail from the U.S. Virgin Islands for Panama around June 1st.  We expect about a seven day sail, a two day Panama Canal transit, ending with a one day sail to the beautiful Pearl Islands 40 miles south of Panama City.




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We are now in Antigua!

"May 2009 -- Impromptu" is currently in Antigua in the eastern Caribbean doing some minor yacht maintenance.  "Infinity" is being chartered in the British Virgin Islands for another couple of months.




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On our way to Panama!

"Impromptu" is currently on her way to Panama. We are taking a leisurly sail down island, stopping at various ports to ready the yacht for life in Panama!





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  1. What can I expect on my sailing charter?
  2. Isn't Panama a long way from the United States?
  3. How do I get to the Pearl Islands?
  4. What do I need to bring on my charter?
  5. What about using cash and credit cards?
  6. Are your yachts clean and well maintained?
  7. Will I be safe aboard your yachts?

What can I expect on my sailing charter?

We spend our time aboard our yachts sailing from one beautiful island to another in Islas de Las Perlas.  The islands are very close together, and we are always in sight of land.  Once we arrive at our destination, we set the anchor for the night.  This is normally in a sheltered cove or bay close to shore.  Once anchored, you will be free to have fun snorkeling, swimming, hiking, beach combing, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing, scuba diving, sun bathing, and sometimes even shopping!  Some guests like to take an afternoon siesta, curl up with a good book, or simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Our yachts have a large hard top cover for all day protection from the sun, and most all our meals will be served around a large table under this cover.

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Isn't Panama a long way from the United States?

Panama is about the same distance away from Miami as the U.S. Virgin Islands, around a two and a half hour flight, and a little under 1000 miles.  If you are flying from the midwest or west coast, the flight time is actually shorter when compared to the flight time to the USVI.  We recently saw air fares from Las Vegas to Panama City for under $450 per person round trip including taxes.

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How do I get to the Pearl Islands?

You will need to fly into Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in Panama City, Panama.  Major airlines including American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Continental Airlines have daily flights from the United States.


You will need to purchase a Tourist Card either from your travel agent, airline or in the terminal before you go through Immigration.   Cost is $5 per person.  If you are not a U.S. citizen, check with your consulate to determine the requirements for entry into Panama.


You then need to take a taxi to Marcos A. Gelabert (Albrook) Airport (PAC) -- $25 for two, about a 30 minute ride.  Once there you need to catch a plane to the Pearl Islands, specifically Isla Contadora, on Air Panama for a short 15 minute flight.  The cost of this flight is around $35 each way.  This flight must be booked separately.  Let us know your arrival time, and we will meet you at the airport.


At the end of your stay in Panama, you will have to pay a $20 departure tax at Tocumen International Airport.

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What do I need to bring on my charter?

Basically, not much...  Pack as lightly as possible as storage space is very limited in your cabin.  We recommend you pack your belongings in soft sided, collapsible luggage or duffel bags -- no hard sided luggage.  Life aboard is very casual with everyone wearing swimming suits, shorts, t-shirts, and cover-ups.  Unless your shoes are brand new with light colored soft soles, no shoes are worn on board in order to keep the boat cleaner and to minimize scratching the decks.  When going ashore, sandals or flip-flops are generally worn.  Some like to wear a light weight jacket or windbreaker in the evenings.


Beyond this, bring the usual assortment of hats, sun glasses, sun screen, toiletry items including soap and shampoo, prescription medicines and so forth that you would normally take on a vacation to the beach.  We do provide soap and shampoo if you are not picky.  If you are prone to motion or sea sickness, bring medicines that alleviate this problem for you.  Do not bring towels as they are provided on board.  Make sure you bring your camera!


Hair dryers are provided in the cabins; however, inform the crew when you get ready to use one so we can turn on the generator or inverter -- a 115 VAC socket is available beside each berth.


If you snorkel or scuba dive, masks, snorkels, fins, and complete dive gear is provided.  If you bring your own dive gear, dive weights, weight belts and tanks will be provided.

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What about using cash and credit cards?

Panama, with the U.S. presence in Panama with the Panama Canal since turn of the century, is very "Americanized".  Your credit cards will be accepted at most establishments in Panama, and you will be able to get cash through ATM's. There are, however, no ATM's or banks on Isla Contadora.


Panama's currency is the "Balboa", and it is the equivalent of the U.S. Dollar.  Panama does not have its own paper money, but uses U.S. currency.  They do mint their own coinage, and it has the same size, weight, look and feel as U.S. coinage.


In the Pearl Islands, the restaurants and other establishments on Contadora Island will generally accept credit cards.  If you are shopping in one of the native villages, cash is your best bet.   Despite the fact that Spanish is the predominant language in Panama, many of its people also speak English.

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Are your yachts clean and well maintained?

We take great pride in the condition of our yachts.  We have a maintenance program that keeps our boats in tip top shape.  We also have associates assigned to clean our boats on a full time, continuous basis.  When you arrive on board, we strive to make everything as perfect as possible for you.

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Will I be safe aboard your yachts?

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our guests, and being aboard our yachts is generally very safe.  However, being careful and using common sense will go a long way in making it even safer for you.


Before departing, the crew will have a safety session.  They will inform you of the location of life jackets, fire extinguishers, what to do in case of a man overboard, and so forth.


Sometimes when under way there can be considerable wave action and subsequent deck pitching, so it is very important to always have at least one hand on the yacht.  Hand rails can be found throughout the yacht, both inside and out.


The cabin berths are about four feet above the floor with three steep steps up.  There is a hand rail on the ceiling which makes it much easier to navigate the steps, especially when getting out of the berth at night.


When under way, make absolutely sure your cabin's hatches are latched shut; otherwise your cabin and your belongings may get soaked.


Because smoking can be dangerous aboard, there is no smoking allowed except on the "sugar scoops", the steps on stern of the yacht.

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