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Panama Canal Transit!

"Infinty" sets sail from the U.S. Virgin Islands for Panama around June 1st.  We expect about a seven day sail, a two day Panama Canal transit, ending with a one day sail to the beautiful Pearl Islands 40 miles south of Panama City.




Current News

We are now in Antigua!

"May 2009 -- Impromptu" is currently in Antigua in the eastern Caribbean doing some minor yacht maintenance.  "Infinity" is being chartered in the British Virgin Islands for another couple of months.




Recent Events

On our way to Panama!

"Impromptu" is currently on her way to Panama. We are taking a leisurly sail down island, stopping at various ports to ready the yacht for life in Panama!






Ian and Janey hail from South Africa and have been a couple for the last six years.  They have spent much of this time conducting charters in the Caribbean, including the British Virgin Islands, St. Martin, Antigua, and Bequia.


Ian has been sailing for most of his life.  He starting out racing dinghys as a youngster, and moved on to win a number of South African national regattas.  He has taught sailing in the big seas of the Indian Ocean and has spent time as a commercial fisherman.  Recently, he braved the dangerous waters off the east coast of Africa as a yacht delivery skipper, and he has thousands of miles of blue water sailing under his belt.  In addition to his love of sailing, he also enjoys surfing and diving and is a PADI certified Dive Master.


Janey spent time in the hospitality industry learning about reception, housekeeping, waitressing and banquetting before moving onto charter yachts where she put these skills to use excelling as the hostess and chef aboard a number of yachts in the Caribbean.  She enjoys serving her cullinary delights aboard, and likens her cooking style to homestyle cooking with a touch of class!  In addition to her cullinary skills, she is also a PADI certified Rescue Diver.


Ian and Janey are excited about our transition to the Pearl Islands.  They derive great pleasure in showing our guests a wonderful time aboard, and look to forward to introducing them to the beauty and grandeur of Islas de Las Perlas.