Las Perlas Adventures -- Sailing and Diving Charters in Panama's Pearl Islands

What's New

Panama Canal Transit!

"Infinty" sets sail from the U.S. Virgin Islands for Panama around June 1st.  We expect about a seven day sail, a two day Panama Canal transit, ending with a one day sail to the beautiful Pearl Islands 40 miles south of Panama City.




Current News

We are now in Antigua!

"May 2009 -- Impromptu" is currently in Antigua in the eastern Caribbean doing some minor yacht maintenance.  "Infinity" is being chartered in the British Virgin Islands for another couple of months.




Recent Events

On our way to Panama!

"Impromptu" is currently on her way to Panama. We are taking a leisurly sail down island, stopping at various ports to ready the yacht for life in Panama!




Are you looking for a new sailing or diving destination, somewhere beautiful, exciting and yes, even exotic?  After conducting charters for a number of years in the British and U.S. Virgin Islands, we wanted to find such a place, somewhere away from the multitude of yachts that have inundated the Islands to the point where it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a mooring ball or even a place to drop an anchor.


Our search lead us to Panama and the "Islas de Las Perlas” or "Pearl Islands" off Panama's southern coastline.  A short forty miles from Panama City in the Gulf of Panama we found an archipelago with beautiful white sand beaches lined with palm trees, with crystalline waters in an area that has become an ecotourism destination.  Islas de Las Perlas is made up of more than 220 islands and islets, only 90 of which are named. 


The Pearl Islands have been home to three seasons of the popular CBS television "Survivor" series.  If you watched these series, you have an idea of the amazing beauty of the Islands.  Obviously CBS recognized the Pearl Islands as an ideal location for their widely viewed reality shows, as we did as an ideal sailing and diving charter destination.  Let us take you to the very islands and beaches where the series were filmed!


The larger islands are covered with untouched rain forests that are teeming with wildlife including deer, wild pigs, howler monkeys, iguanas, parrots and more.  In the early morning anchored in a secluded cove, you may hear or see the howler monkeys playing in the tree tops.  When we are sailing offshore, you may be privileged to see dolphins playing off our bow, or whales breaching.


And then there is the weather.  No need to plan your trip around hurricane season as Panama, being south of the hurricane zone, has never been hit with a hurricane.  While the other charter companies in the Caribbean are shut down to wait out the season, we are still busy doing what we do best -- chartering.


Panama, typical of Central America, has a rainy season from May to November, and a dry season from December to April.  The temperature ranges from 65ºF to 90ºF with an average of 80ºF.  Almost perfect!


Come join us for an adventure of a lifetime in an exciting and exotic location aboard one of our beautiful Voyage 500 sailing catamarans.  Come join us in paradise!